Hi everyone!!

Just a quick catch up on what I’m up to, plus I share a new discovery for an absolutely FANTASTIC oatmeal recipe (and I know how much you guys have loved my oatmeal recipes in the past, so just WAIT til you try THIS one!! mm mm MMMMM!!).

Its chock full of protein and is great for post-workout, pre-workout, breakfast, dinner, whenever!!! Any time is a good time for oatmeal!!


So, here’s the recipe again (courtesy of my fabulous beach pal and fellow fitness fanatic Rod):

Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Equal Parts (ie, 1 cup/1 cup/1 cup):
Regular (preferably organic) Raw Rolled Oats (oatmeal)
Non Fat Cottage Cheese
Eggs (or Egg whites, but why chuck out all the nutrition, I say), preferably Free Range, Organic

Plop the whole mess into a blender. Blend for about a minute, enough to grind up the oatmeal… this will make a pasty mixture… sounds delicious so far huh? LOL

Cook ’em just like regular pancakes: heat the griddle, pour some mixture in the pan, wait til it looks dry around the edges and is showing bubbles/air pockets in the middle, flip. Simple Simon!!

According to Rod, it goes great with butter (do yourself a favour and try to find some of the raw milk variety) and Maple Syrup (prefereably organic, right? seeing a theme or pattern here yet?), but I know that they also go great with just organic honey or your favourite All-Fruit Spread (I like raspberry).

I haven’t tried THIS yet but it just occurred to me that you could probably even add banana chunks or blueberries to the mixture before you cook it, too (after the blending, I mean)!!

mmmmm…. that’s what I’ll try next!!! Can’t wait!

Okay, so the recipe above I discovered from Rod, but I’ve also got another HUGE, fantastic resource with LOTS of great nutrition information right down the same alley

Mike Geary (who, as you all know is one of my all-time favourite fitness and nutrition professionals) has just released a fantastic new nutrition book called Fat Burning Kitchen.

I love it!!

There’s a never ending supply of fantastic tricks and tips about healthy foods to help you (and me) burn fat faster and stay super healthy!!!

If you liked this recipe I just shared, then I highly recommend this book.

Check it out!

Fat Burning Kitchen eBook

Fat Burning Kitchen by Mike Geary

…and I know you’re all anxiously waiting for me to get finished talking about food so we can all listen to today’s Workout Song of the Day!! LOL.

Can you tell I’m having fun today?

Anyway, without further ado, here it is:

Workout Song of the Day – BLONDIE – Atomic
(this song is great for Cardio, which, for me as you guys all know by now, is almost always some form of running)

Love it? BUY IT. Its cheap … like what? $0.99 or $0.79 or some ridiculously low price! Don’t ya love the world of the music download? So easy!!

Anyway gang, have a GREAT week. Its full of promise, so lets make sure it keeps that promise!! HA!

Over ‘n out til next time.