Hey you guys!!

uStream found my lost show!!

Woo hoo!!

So here’s an impromptu post for you all… enjoy the replay!! So glad they found it!

(the first two portions of the show are on the post below this one… this is just the last portion that we thought was lost forever! So if you haven’t watched the first two portions yet, head on over there first – My First uStream Show – then come back here).

… and be patient with the first minute or so while we work out the technical bs that was going on with the broadcast… we do get in there.

… and now that the replay is available you can hear me talking about JUST how much that darn book means to me, so here’s the link again.

Just to reiterate (again) that this is my honest and true story about where I was in my fitness adventures before I found Truth About Abs … AND where it ultimately (and quickly) got me.

That’s why I called the website TruthAboutAbsTruth.com !!!

And the offer is real too.

If any of YOU guys want to grab the book from there and chat me up live and for real on Skype after reading it, I’m here… I’ll give ya all my groovy insider tricks to gettin’ the job done at home! Go check it out, ok? The Truth About The Truth About Abs !!!

It really is THAT good.

Oh and I’ll ask again just cuz its MY blog and I can do what I want!! haha!!

… no, seriously you guys, I’d LOVE some link loving from any of you guys with your own websites or blogs for TruthAboutAbsTruth.com.

If I could get the Search Engine Bots to love me over there, I’d be THRILLED!!! If you would like to help, please link to the TruthAboutAbsTruth.com page with the anchor text “Truth About Abs” … let me know if you do so I can thank you profusely … with insincere promises of payment and undying and overly emotional expressions of gratitude!! LOL

And to take it even one step further, if you are also interested in some link loving, I’m happy to trade a link with you over on TruthAboutAbsTruth.com or here on Girlwithnoname.com. Just email me or post here if you want to do a trade! I have a links section on both websites.

And one final point: if anyone cares to know who the heck BlueLint/Bob and I were talking about, if you haven’t followed @BradHoward on Twitter yet you’re kinda missing out. Smart guy and damn funny to boot. Go learn something. Follow him!

But I digress (yet again)…

Back to the uStream experience, I’ll repeat this too: I’m planning to do this semi-regularly.

No schedule yet, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to set one in stone, cuz sometimes life happens and gets in the way, but if you follow me on Twitter, I’ll make sure I tweet it out as soon as I know I’m doing one… and if I pre-schedule one a few days in advance I’ll post here that one is coming.


Have a great day … have a great weekend!