HELLO!!! This day is not shaping up in the best of directions!!!

A case of sleep deprivation thanks to one late night funny tweeter last night (and thanks for that @BradHoward, you’re freaking hilarious but so much so I didn’t go to bed when I should have) and an early phone call from my mechanic this morning with a touch of bad news set the tone for the day.

And this on top of my ON… GOING…. COMPUTER … TRAUMA !!!!!! Yes, believe it or not, it does continue. Have I mentioned I’ll never buy another Hewlett Packard product again, ever?

So, watch below while I catch you up on all the haps on my car, my computer, my workouts (right, this still IS a fitness blog after all, right? LOL) which did help me get a few endorphins flowing which in turn did improve my mood… But, unfortunately, it didn’t bring the price of my car repair down!!

ha ha!!

Good health and fitness can’t fix EVERY one of life’s little problems, I guess (MOST… but not all) !

And in my usual smartypants style, I’ve found a song that’s relevant to the post … I mean this is only One Day In My Life right? And things always get better… eventually.

So, here’s a GRRRREAT song by a local Vancouver band that’s been around forever and still selling out two nights in a row, every few months like clockwork at one of the larger popular dance/live act venues here in Vancouver called The Commodore (and most Canadian cities they play).

The band is 54.40 and if you’ve never heard of them, I’m not surprised… for some reason they never picked up in a huge way outside of Canada but man, you could do yourself a huge favour and check out more of their stuff, because they really are a fantastic group.

I love this song of theirs for running, because the beat drives me forward and the lyrics are kinda inspirational to me. Enjoy the listen. Neil’s got a fantastic voice!!

(And, did you know that the Hootie and the Blowfish song called “I Go Blind” was originally a 54.40 song? Well, now you do!!)

And for pete’s sakes, help me help “local boys done good’ but buying their mp3 or album ok? They deserve it. Really. Would I lie to you? (answer: NO!!)

54-40 – One Day In Your Life

Just click on the Buy button on the widget to get the mp3 or surf around Amazon to get the album, or any of their albums (and there are many).

Have a great, fun and fit day, and we’ll see ya soon!