Hey Everyone!! Welcome back.

First things first:

One more HUGE thank you to the GREAT Tom Venuto, creator of the Burn the Fat Body Transformation System for letting me interview him in my last post, aptly titled: “Interview with Tom Venuto, creator of the Burn the Fat Body Transformation System”!! (hey, I never said originality was my strong suit!!)

What an awesome experience it was to tap into that guy’s head.

He’s got so much knowledge in the health and fitness fields, I could have talked to him all day (but that would have been one heckuva a long video so I had to restrain myself!! ha)

Anyway, today I got some hillsprints done and had an interesting encounter with a stranger in the process!!

Funny how the little things in life can make you smile and give you a burst of energy.

And, like I mentioned, a conversation with a client today made me realize you guys might not be aware that my Online Fitness Coaching service (see top of page for awesome banner!) is a PERSONALIZED service.

What it is NOT is a template that is the same for everyone, or an assistant that deals with you and sticks stuff under my nose when I need to see it.

It’s the REAL ME working with YOU directly. Just sayin’…

…so if you’ve got some fitness goals you’re experiencing difficulty achieving, go check it out and let’s do ‘er up right!!

And as always, here’s today’s Workout Song of the Day.

This one should make you laugh… it makes ME laugh (even though it’s title warns me NOT to…) and it makes me run just a little faster… cuz its FUN… and because it has a good beat that gives me energy.

WINX – Don’t Laugh

Don’t forget, if it made you laugh and you want it for your own ‘good cardio tunes’ collection, head over to Amazon right now and check it out … literally!!

(ha ha, get it? you have to hit the ‘check out’ when you buy it? funny right?)…

**insert sound of crickets chirping**

Um… so, guess not! LOL

ANYYYYWAYYYYYYY, it’s fast, and it’s cheap and you’ll be sweating and laughing at the same time … in no time!

(jeez, I’m having a weird day today! hee hee)

That’s it for today everyone. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you again, very soon!!!!

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.