Hey everyone!! Welcome back to real life!

Did you survive the Holiday Madness?

Did you manage to get through all the Big Eat-Fests?

I managed to time Christmas Day with my usual ‘cheat’ day so went for it with abandon!

But now it’s back to good behaviour.

But HEY… before New Years hits, I have something vitally important to share with you:

I know it’s almost time for New Years Resolutions but let me tell you now that not all fitness equipment is created equal.

ROM Machine

I happened to stumble upon what might just be THE biggest AND most expensive fitness scam of all time.

It’s called the ROM Machine (cleverly named to capitalize upon the term “Range of Motion”) and in my opinion, it’s the biggest rip-off I’ve ever seen.

So now, let me ask you:

Are YOU gullible enough to fall for such an extravagantly expensive piece of equipment promising the moon (in 4 minutes no less), against the better knowledge and advice of ALL the fitness and medical practitioners on the PLANET? (except for the ones that have been nicely compensated for their opinions in this video, that is)

Do yourself a huge favour this year if you’re making fitness New Years Resolutions:


Get yourself a gym membership, or a good set of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, fitness bands, jump ropes, pull-up bar, running shoes (or all of the above) …

… and then USE THEM… REGULARLY!!!

… and that $15,000 you don’t know what to do with?

Well, a new car or a new swimming pool or a trip somewhere tropical springs to mind.

I’m in need of all of the above. Just email me and I’ll let you know where to send your money.

It’s for a good cause, I promise!! LOL

And, in keeping with today’s post, here’s today’s Workout Song of the Day.

I figure ANYONE trying to sell stuff like this to a gullible and unsuspecting (not to mention desperate) public looking for a magic pill, should be considered public enemy #1.

So, Days of the New, thanks for singing it out for us. Stay away from THIS “Enemy” everyone.

It’s also a fantastic cardio song. I run like the wind with this one blasting in my ears. Give it a go, I’ll bet you love it too.

Days of the New – Enemy

Don’t forget, if you love it, go get it. Amazon has one waiting for you now. Just click on the “Buy” button on the player widget and they’ll set you up in no time (and for super cheap, too!)

That’s it for today.

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.