Hey everyone. Happy Hump Day!

Halfway to the weekend and I hope you’re all having a great week.

I get asked a lot where I find the energy to do what I do.

So, I thought a little post letting you in on the things that give me energy was in order (and long overdue).
Sunshine is Energizing
So, without further ado, here we go:

Nothing but nothing makes me want to get off my rear, out the door and get stuff done more than a good dose of Vitamin D… even more motivating is that it’s out there taunting me to come enjoy it, and there’s no way I can ever say no.

The Cold Weather
It’s brisk and it’s invigorating. It gets me wanting to move (mostly because then I’ll warm up!)

The Rain
Hello, Seawall!! You are allllll miiiiine when it’s raining… just you and me and no one else. Very Zen. Very energizing.

Sleep is Energizing

A Good Night’s Sleep
Does this need elaboration, really? With a good solid 8 hours of sleep under my belt I can take on the world.

The Mirror
The harder I work on myself, the more it shows.

And the more it shows, the harder I WANT to work for it. ’nuff said.

Knowing someone’s waiting on me and also knowing there’s no way I’m skipping my workout drives me hard.

Pressure to move on to the next thing in the day gives me energy to just slam through a workout without lollygagging.

If someone or something is waiting on me I get busy … hard and fast.

I’d rather work harder to make it happen than live with the guilt of slacking for some lame-ass excuse of ‘not having enough time’…

Anger or Frustration
Yep, there’s nothing wrong with taking out some anger or frustration in a good heavy lifting session.

Someone pissing you off? Sick ’em (I mean the weight stack, punching bag or running path, not the person).

Nothing makes me want to do what I do more than knowing someone out there is getting inspiration or motivation from me for their own workouts.

Thanks to my loyal Twitter, Facebook and blog followers for letting me know I’m here for a reason, and in turn giving ME inspiration and motivation… and energy.
Music is Energizing

MUSIC (one of the biggest ones)
There’s been many a time I haven’t felt like going running or grinding out a strength-training session, but as soon as I turn on my ‘special’ mp3 player (it only contains motivating, hard driving and angsty workout music) I’m immediately in the mood and… dare I say it? Even RARING TO GO.

Feeling The Pump
Strength begets Strength. I can’t elaborate more on that.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It means I’ve done good things for my body and the more I feel it, the more I crave it. Bring it on.

A simple smile from a stranger as I run by makes me feel good and in turn makes me run that much harder.

Having an Audience is Energizing

An Audience
If I’m working out or running hillsprints (or whatever) and someone stops to watch me, I’m going to give it TWICE the power I might have otherwise, just knowing someone’s paying attention.

I certainly don’t want to be slacking it with WITNESSES watching, now do I?

Watching the excited smile form on the face of a client or friend who’s just realized a weight loss or fitness goal is intensely energizing. Excitement IS Energy.

And finally (and most importantly) …

My Nephew
… or more specifically, the pleading, innocent eyes of my 4 year old nephew as he asks me sweetly to play with him.

Whether I feel like it or not, can a rousing game of horsey-back ride be far behind?

What energizes YOU?

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.