Alright, this is the LAST time I’m going to say this (um… ok, so it’s the last time TODAY I’ll say it!):

Working out does NOT always have to feel like WORK!

More here:

Now get outside and find something FUN to do that gets your body MOVING!

- Jump ropeVancouver English Bay Waterslide

- Water slides

- Frisbee with the dog

- Swing on the swingset with the kids

- Play tag

- Volleyball

- Badminton

- Swimming

- Play catchVancouver English Bay Waterslide

- Cartwheels in the grass

- Play “kick the can” or “marco polo”

- Run through the sprinkler (repeatedly)

- Skip through a wheatfield

… get the drift?


Now, SHOO!!! Go Play!

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day!