I have an important message today that I’d appreciate you paying special attention to (maybe not for yourself, but maybe for someone you know and love).


Being fit, working out and watching your diet to be healthier or to lose or maintain your weight is one thing …

Eating Disorders

Getting completely carried away with it and letting it affect your health NEGATIVELY is another.

Eating Disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia are REAL.

There are some people who aren’t able to recognize when they’ve hit their ideal weight and should change their “weight loss” program to a “maintenance” program.

To these people, losing weight is ALWAYS the goal, regardless of how low their weight might already be.

They just don’t see themselves as thin enough … EVER.

This is not only NOT healthy, but it can be life threatening.

Do YOU know someone that might need some help?

As I mentioned, during some of my usual “better health” researching, I stumbled upon these two women.
Erika Conover

Erika Conover has real life experience with kicking her eating disorder to the curb. Estelle Conover

And her mom Estelle Conover was there with her through her entire ordeal.

They have a story to tell. An IMPORTANT story.

They’ve lived with (and battled successfully against) eating disorders, and share what it takes to help others do the same.

If you know someone that needs help (or has a child that needs help), please refer them to this site:

==> Help for Eating Disorders

These women and their story might be able to provide some of that help.


And THANK YOU … for paying attention here, and for passing this along to those who need to know about it.

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.