So many believe you MUST take supplements or steroids to build any significant amount of muscle.

And, really, you wouldn’t think it was possible if you open the sports page on a daily basis. Seems as if the lead story on any given week involves some star athlete either caught or revealing that he or she has used muscle enhancing steroids or other types of muscle building supplements.

Extreme Muscle - Steroids?

This can definitely lead one to a jaded opinion not only of these elite athletes who are doing this, but can also leave one with the feeling that there may be no way to get anywhere near the level the athletes are at if we don’t also engage in this type of activity.

The truth is, people were building muscle long before any of this stuff was available.

And, while it’s true that the people involved in sports these days can be quite a bit larger than they were even a decade ago, this can be attributed to several factors, not only harmful muscle building supplements.

Firstly, training facilities are much more sophisticated and the ability to use weights and other training aids that have been developed over the last few decades make elite training methods more available to almost anyone.

When guys from my dad’s generation trained for football, for instance, a medicine ball and bodyweight were sometimes the only methods of “weight training” available to them.

Also, nutritional research has helped us to know know a lot more about good nutrition than we used to. Generations before us were not as fortunate.

And, thanks to better transportation we have lot more access to a wide variety of good, nutritious, and whole foods than we used to (as well as the knowledge of what does and doesn’t constitute ‘healthy’ food).

Hey, better nutrition means better muscle building.

And, while it may seem that reaching the highest levels you can may only be attainable by using these kinds of supplements, I believe that you can make the choice to train, using the latest technology available to you, and still achieve great results, as people have throughout the ages!

The different varieties of new training equipment and tools now available can take you to a level you might not have thought possible.

And by focusing on tried and true methods of muscle building that have endured over the years instead trusting in pharmaceuticals, you really can develop your body to the highest and best level it can be.

And remember: the LONG-TERM effects of these types of drugs have yet to be determined … they really haven’t been around long enough test enough to really know how they’ll affect you into your later years (if you make it that far since these drugs have already been determined to be quite harmful short-term).

Plus take into consideration the rate at which some of these overly muscular guys have been keeling over lately (from issues that might be directly or even indirectly linked to possible steroid use).

What should have been men in the prime of their lives, instead they are leaving behind loved ones for no apparent reason.

Of course, you’ll be hard pressed to get someone to come right out and say that these kinds of supplements caused these tragedies, but where there’s smoke …

Plus, remember that grotesquely over-developed muscles are really NOT attractive to most so going overboard and building TOO much muscle can actually work counter-productively to your goals.

Nice Muscular ToneI am a supporter of a sane, balanced approach to building muscle that not only adds strength to your overall frame, but develops a healthy and natural looking physique (and does not put your mortality at risk in the process).

In my humble opinion, at least for men (who aren’t training for a specific sport, but just want to LOOK good), THE main goal for muscle building should be to build that classic male physique (broad shoulders tapering down to a trim waist with a lower body that matches proportionally).

This type of frame has proven to be most attractive generally. Don’t believe me? A poll I conducted a few months ago here supports this.

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Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.
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