A few posts ago I asked: Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?, and shared that I choose to as long as the affliction is minor, like the sniffles, minor sore throat or cough.

Then I stated that working out regardless helps me feel better in the moment (and most of the time afterward, too).Working Out With The Sniffles

I stand behind that. No excuses.

However…. this time (and this is rare, but yes, it happened this time) I got pretty sick about a week later.

Was working out while I had the preliminary sniffles ultimately to blame for me getting sick at all?

Did it make me get really sick faster than if I hadn’t worked out at all during the sniffle-stage?

And, did those workouts make me even sicker than I would have been otherwise?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a whole bunch more:


Why limit yourself until you absolutely have to?

Until you absolutely HAVE to baby yourself, why wimp out and cause further unnecessary regression to all your hard work?

… this is one woman’s opinion.

Take it how you will.

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

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