I did that thing that makes me crazy again.

Yup, off I traipsed to a commercial gym this morning with a client.Bad Personal Trainer

And as usual, I was seeing red within minutes.

Usually if someone were to ask me what they should do if they’re just starting out and want to make sure they’re getting their form right so they’re not setting themselves up for an injury or being ineffective with their new workout routines, I would tell them to hire a Personal Trainer, at least once.

But what if the trainer they hire SUCKS?

And what if the trainee is so new at working out that they have NO IDEA that their new trainer sucks?

What then?

So what DO you do if your trainer completely SUCKS and you’re too new to know it?

I dunno!!

YouTube-ing stuff MIGHT help, if you know what you’re looking for …

Trainers!! Let’s hear from you!

What would YOU tell someone in this circumstance, who isn’t even aware that they’re IN ‘this circumstance’?

Oh, and let’s have a vote:

Should I call the manager of that gym and fill her in on what I saw? Or just mind my own damned business?

What do YOU think?

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

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