Today is the day that strikes fear in the hearts of kids far and wide, young and old:

It’s the First Day of School!

How are your kids doing with developing good “life habits” when it comes to health and fitness?Raising Fit Kids

Are you raising ‘fit kids’?

Listen, I get it. I know society is letting our kids down.

All that junk food available EVERYWHERE. All that marketing trying to make them want it.

All that crappy food available at school. All that peer pressure.


Sure, the schools are teaching nutrition now. So, why are their lunch programs still such a freaking MESS?

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, FRENCH FRIES on the lunchtime menus … in our school cafeterias? FOR SHAME, school boards!!

And WHY do they allow vending machines full of soda pop and junk food in our schools?

Kids don’t know the difference between healthy food and unhealthy food. They just know what they see, and what tempts them.

Kids don’t always get the exercise they should either … it’s the era of the Xbox, internet and too many choices on TV.

Our kids are more sedentary, less active, and eat more junk. It’s a fact of today’s world.

It doesn’t even matter sometimes if the parents are doing ‘all the right things’…

… kids aren’t hard-wired to resist temptation or really think so far ahead to worry about their mortality in their adulthood.

THAT’s why it’s important to know how to instill these values into our children at an age where they’re still ‘mold-able’…

Learn more about how to teach your kids how to get good nutrition and fitness habits NOW, before they grow up into overweight, frustrated adults trying to lose weight they could have avoided gaining in the first place:

Yep, mass marketing of junk food, peer pressure, that ‘rebellious stage’, trying to stay in with the ‘cool’ kids…

There’s so many ways for kids to get off track and not even realize (or care, at that early age) what they’re doing to themselves in the big picture.

Fit KidsDon’t let your kids be part of the ‘norm’ (aka: working their way slowly to becoming obese adults)…

Teach them NOW how to keep a healthy body for LIFE

… with “Raising Fit Kids” by my personal friend Jeff Anderson.

It will help you help your kids to be strong, active and healthy as they grow through their childhood, teenage years and into their adulthood.

It’s going the be the best ‘learning’ they do this school year. You can count on that.

Grab it now. You’ll be glad you did.

Click Here ==> Raising Fit Kids

And here’s to all our kids getting straight “A’s” in school this year.


Make us parents, uncles, aunties (that’s me!) and grandparents PROUD!

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.