Fitness Gadgets.

We love ’em, don’t we?

They motivate us. Are Fitness Gadgets Accurate?

They help keep us on track.

– Step Counters.

– Heart Rate Monitors.

– ‘Calories Burned’ Monitors and Counters.

But wait!! Are these things even ACCURATE?

Or are they just misleading us and helping us kid ourselves that we’re doing more than we are?

The answer is gonna surprise you.

Don’t put TOO much stock in gadgets.

Ultimately, it’s what’s in your head that’s going to REALLY keep you ‘on track’ and motivated.

If you want to use them, REMEMBER: They may NOT be accurate. OR, they may be 100% accurate … but the results they give you may still be misleading just by their nature.

They’re a fun toy at BEST.

BY THE WAY … a TIMER does NOT classify as a ‘gadget’ … a good timer is AS essential to getting a good workout as it is to cooking the perfect soft-boiled egg. Don’t hit your Circuit Training or Interval Training Session without one.

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Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.