Well, well, well !! Lookie here !!

Seems I’m getting a little professional recognition this month!!

One of my fellow (and very well respected) fitness bloggers Clint Nielsen of CrudeFitness.com has put together a little list of fitness professionals.

*Ahem* I’m on it.

The exact subject of this list, you ask? Oh … right!

“The 50 Best Free Health & Fitness Courses on the Web”

Seems my Six Pack Sins” Report rates RIGHT UP THERE with the stuff Mike Geary, Tom Venuto and Craig Ballantyne give away. Six Pack Sins

If you’ve been coming here for very long, you probably know these guys are my personal heroes and VERY well-respected weight-loss, muscle-building, overall-fitness gurus that would never lead you astray or give you anything but straight-forward, honest and helpful information.

I ALSO would NEVER lead you astray or give you misleading information. My singular goal is to help YOU get the body you deserve.

I guess that’s how I got on the list!! (yay, me!! lol)

Just goes to show ya that when you do good things, good things happen to you.

But wow, to be included on this prestigious list is a VERY high honor, indeed!

Now here’s the FUN PART:

It also happens to be a CONTEST!!

Clint wants to know WHO is the VERY BEST of the ‘Best’! In fact, he’s decided to take votes!!


But what I’m thinking is: “Wouldn’t it be fun if I actually BEAT OUT my heroes?

I dunno about you, but I kinda think so.

What good is life if you can’t have a little fun with it?

So help me have a little fun!

GO HERE AND VOTE ME UP (I’m #7 on the list, which appears on page 5) :

50 Best Free Health & Fitness Courses on the Web
(click on the image above to go to the site and vote)

Apparently the polls are open til the end of February so vote NOW … and vote OFTEN!!!

Oh, and if you haven’t picked up your copy of “Six Pack Sins” yet, you can do that right here:
Hot at Home Special Report “Six Pack Sins”

Just promise me that if you find it helpful, you’ll come back and give me an extra vote or two!

hmmmmm….. sooooo, I guess that means it’s not all that ‘free’ at the moment, since I’m looking for a vote in exchange for giving it away … at least this month.

But then it’ll go back to being free … with absolutely NO catch!! hee hee

Thanks for your support !!

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.