Food Marketers.

They’re a tricky bunch.

If you saw a bunch of different brands of food that were similar products and one was called Smartfood would you automatically think this one was the healthier option in the bunch?

Yah, me too.Is Smartfood Really a Smart Food?

But is it REALLY?

Is it the ‘smarter’ choice just because it’s called “Smartfood“?

Is the name of the product being honest with you?

Or is it ‘just a name’?

Like I said:

Food Marketers … They’re a tricky bunch.

Here’s a reality check for you:

Always check your ingredients list and nutrition label.

Don’t go by the name alone. And don’t just go by the ‘healthy-looking’ label either.

Looks and product names can be VERY deceiving.

Food marketers will call their product whatever they want if they think it will make you buy.

Don’t be fooled by those tricksters who don’t care if you stay healthy or stay on your weight loss plan.

They just want your money.

End of story.

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

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