Do you take Supplements?


Well then… WELCOME! … because this is for you:

“HEY!!! It’s “Wake Up Call” Time! You are most likely being scammed.”


Why do I say this?

Well … have you looked closely at the ads for these products?

You know, the ones you see in your favourite fitness magazine?

The ones that convinced you that you should take whatever the hell it is you’re taking?

The ones that promise to get you whatever result you’re after?

Have you noticed what many of these supplement ads say in teensy, tiny type at the very bottom?

In type so small its likely you’ll miss it completely?

They say: “(Whatever claim we are making about what changes our product will make to your body, the accuracy of this claim), is based on ‘Anecdotal Evidence’.”

Riiiiiiiiiiight. Anecdotal Evidence.

Sounds super-official, doesn’t it?!

But, what are they REALLY saying?

Watch this:

Yah, Hi again, Supplement User.

Angry now?


So would I be, if I was just finding out it’s all smoke and mirrors and a big waste of my hard-earned cash.

Get your nutrition right, skip the useless supplements that really only ‘supplement’ the Supplement Company CEO’s income and do not effing much (if anything) to help you towards your goals.

’nuff said.

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

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