Yes, I’m frustrated today.

Why?Running Is Good Cardio

Running is being made the villain again.

There are some fitness ‘gurus’ out there right now claiming that running will give you a FLAT BUTT !


And then of course they follow up this claim by trying to sell you some fitness program to get a ROUND butt (you know how it goes: “Don’t do THAT … Buy THIS instead”).

And it makes me crazy that they’re picking on good ol’ running, which happens to be an AWESOME CARDIO and FULL-BODY WORKOUT.

I’ll cut them some slack tho… because they ARE trying to send a message about how to get a perky, firm, round, and shapely butt.

But vilifying running as the enemy of anyone who wants a well-shaped butt is just plain IRRESPONSIBLE.

It’s not the PRESENCE of ‘running’ that gives one a flat butt. It’s the ABSENCE of something else.

Want the truth? Here it is:

If you’re trying to get a firm, perky butt then cutting out running is NOT gonna do it.

You can not LITERALLY ‘run your butt off’ … LOL!

( … well, okay, yes you can, *** IF *** you’re burning excess FAT off your butt … but if you’re worried running will burn off your sexy ass MUSCLES, you can stop fretting cuz it WON’T … )

You CAN work towards a perky, firm, shapely, toned butt AND be a runner, too.

And don’t let anyone out there tell you otherwise. Cuz, flat out: THEY ARE WRONG.

So don’t … Don’t … DON’T (wait for it, cuz I’m gonna say it one more time):

DO … NOT … QUIT exercising in a way that you like to (or LOVE to), just because of some B.S.-fear-tactic marketing ploy.

Exercise… ANY exercise (as long as you’re doing it correctly), is GOOD exercise.

(another important message follows below so just keep reading, ya hear?)


As you can plainly see, I don’t believe in B.S.-based fear-tactics.

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And there are NO flat butts on MY watch! ;-)

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Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.