Hey gang! What’s new?

“What’s new with ME?” you ask?

Well, I’m glad you enquired, cuz that gives me the perfect segue right into today’s topic!Small Changes Can Create Big Changes

Is your workout starting to feel a little stale?

Hitting a plateau perhaps?

Not getting that feeling of a hard workout well done lately?

You might be hitting one of those dreaded ‘plateaus’.

How long have you been doing this particular workout? If you’ve been at it too long, it’s probably time to change it up!

But HOW?

That’s a big sticking point with a lot of people… they’ve got this great collection of exercises grouped together in a certain way, and they’re not sure what KIND of changes to make to get things revving again.

Do they need to scrap the whole thing and do something VASTLY different? Probably not.

Something ‘vastly different’ may not be in line with their goals.

If what you ARE doing USED to work and WAS getting you closer to your goals (whatever they may be), but the results you WERE getting has slowed down, or stopped entirely, then what you’re doing probably just needs some adjustment.

Even making the smallest of changes in your workouts can create BIG changes in how it’s working for you, and get it back to being SUPER-effective again, instead of just the ‘same old, same old’ stuck-in-a-rut routine taking you nowhere fast.

Make something old, into something new (and challenging) again, easily and quickly.

Check it out:

So? Whatcha waiting for?

Do some quick, easy ‘n simple tweaking of what’s not working for you anymore …

… and then get back to work at something new, challenging and effective.


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Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

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