Hey gang… hope you’re having a great week so far.

I’ve got a little product review for you today.

You know those rubber fitness performance bracelets that contain some kind of mineral or magnet or hologram?

The ones that claim that if you wear them with the mineral, or magnet, or hologram held against your skin, they’ll help you improve your performance.

Fitness Hologram Performance Bracelet

Run faster, jump higher, lift heavier, golf a better game, whatever.

So? Are they just a scam? Or do they actually work?

Well, I guess that depends on what you mean by ‘work’ …

Check it out (and also take note of my nifty new title graphic… I did that all by myself! LOL):

Should You Believe In The Power of Holograms?
The mind is a powerful thing.

Whether ingesting or wearing something actually affects you physically or not, if you believe hard enough that it will help you, there is a good likelihood that you will affect the change you expect within yourself just by believing it’s true.

So, if you WANT to believe, who the heck am I to tell you NOT to?

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

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