I’m BACK!!

It’s been a while, I know. But this time I’ve got a good excuse!

Challenge Yourself

You guys have been keeping me jumping answering all your awesome questions on the weekly “Your Questions Answered… On Video” feature over on the “Hot at Home” site.

So, don’t blame ME for my absence here, blame YOURSELVES!! LOL

But I digress (as usual)…

The other day after switching up my program from a full-body ‘every 2nd day’ style workout to a ‘3 day split, lifting every day’ kinda workout something kinda flashed through my mind while I was about half way through the first day of my new program and reaching exhaustion kind of unexpectedly … and it made me laugh.

I thought it was worth sharing since there’s some good learning involved in my little moment of exhausted clarity!

Your Questions AnsweredDon’t forget…

… if you’ve got questions about health, fitness, working out, eating right or whatever you need to help you get to your goals, get them in to me now and I’ll get you in the queue and get you your answer asap.

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Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

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