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Support Is Everywhere

Tweet Sometimes support comes from the most unexpected sources. Case in point: today, during and at the end of my hillsprints session, I was given support by no less than FOUR completely unrelated and random strangers. So, of course I gave it right back (where I could … one guy didn’t give me the option). […]

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Awesome, Fun Workouts: Trampolines!

Tweet This used to be something fun we loved to do as kids. I don’t remember it being hard work back then at all. So when a friend decided she wanted to have her birthday party at a local extreme trampoline park, I thought it sounded like a fun, social and physical way to celebrate […]

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Challenge Yourself

Tweet Something interesting happened recently during one of my workouts. It actually changed my perception of the way I work out (for the better). The other day, I was out getting in a challenging HIIT session (high intensity interval training). I was doing :30/:30 sprinting/walking. I THOUGHT I was working maximally during the sprinting intervals. […]

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