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Support Is Everywhere

Tweet Sometimes support comes from the most unexpected sources. Case in point: today, during and at the end of my hillsprints session, I was given support by no less than FOUR completely unrelated and random strangers. So, of course I gave it right back (where I could … one guy didn’t give me the option). […]

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Secrets Of Six Pack Abs (my new book!)

Tweet Exciting News!! “Secrets Of Six Pack Abs: How To Be Slim And Trim, And Fit For Life” That’s the title of my new book !!! I know, I know. The title is kinda long. That was my publisher’s decision. Why did I need a publisher, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s a Kindle […]

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Fat Loss Success Depends On This

Tweet I’m excited!! I’m heading up to see my folks in a couple of days and spending the week. We always have a lot of fun hanging out in the sunshine at the seaside cabin, having dinners out and lots of late night chats over a few too many cocktails. But that’s not the ONLY […]

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