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Yoga For Any Goal?

Tweet I understand that Yoga is a great way to exercise. I only “understand” this, but not KNOW it because I’ve never actually tried it. I know, I know… I should at least try it before deciding whether it’s something that I would enjoy. And I will … eventually. But at the moment, what I […]

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Ask Questions, Get Answers

Tweet Hey Gang!! Long time, no see! Sorry about that. There’s a darned good reason tho… I’ve been busy on a **HOT** new feature over on the “Hot at Home” website! It’s called “Your Questions Answered… On Video!” and I think it could really help you out. If you’ve an issue you’re not sure about, […]

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Can You Stretch Too Much?

Stretching is important. But can you overdo it and stretch TOO much? You betcha!

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