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Yoga For Any Goal?

Tweet I understand that Yoga is a great way to exercise. I only “understand” this, but not KNOW it because I’ve never actually tried it. I know, I know… I should at least try it before deciding whether it’s something that I would enjoy. And I will … eventually. But at the moment, what I […]

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Before You See Your Doctor

Tweet After having my fussy hamstring act up in a big way again last month and take me away from what I love to do (running regularly), I’ve learned a VERY valuable lesson about doctors. More specifically, what we should be doing for ourselves BEFORE we go see our doctor. And what we should be […]

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The Effects Of A Program Changeover

Tweet I’m BACK!! It’s been a while, I know. But this time I’ve got a good excuse! You guys have been keeping me jumping answering all your awesome questions on the weekly “Your Questions Answered… On Video” feature over on the “Hot at Home” site. So, don’t blame ME for my absence here, blame YOURSELVES!! […]

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