Online Fitness Coaching is a new format that is growing every day.

With the use of email, telephone and especially webcam chat programs like Skype*, it’s possible to create a mutually beneficial, rewarding and respectful training partnership to help you reach your fitness, weight loss or sports training goals.

Girlwithnoname is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Trainer and Fitness Leader dedicated to this fun way of training.

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by. 

Online Coaching is a great way to get results and a fun way to workout. I’m excited about working with you.

HOWEVER, let’s get one thing straight. 

I’m looking for DEDICATED and COMMITTED individuals to work with. 

I’m serious about health, fitness and working out and I need YOU to be, also. 

No Whiners Allowed!! 

Got it?  Good.  Let’s move on!

Girlwithnoname Looking
So, what are your goals?

- Are you just starting out?

- Wanting to lose some weight?

- Hoping to get off a plateau?

- Looking to advance in some way (strength, endurance, flexibility, size)?

- Or just change things up as a boredom buster or because it’s time to change your routine?


PLUS!!!  I’ve recently added another service to my repertoire to address a frustrating issue I hear about time and time again lately: 

Fitness Book Frustration!!

Have you recently purchased a Fitness Book or Program online only to find that it’s not quite living up to your expectations?

Maybe it gives you too much information and you’re not sure how to get started.

Or perhaps it doesn’t provide enough information, and you’re feeling a little lost?

Geez, maybe it didn’t provide an actual program or workout routine to follow? 

Or a confusing one you’re not sure HOW to follow?

Or it might not have explained the prescribed exercises in enough detail or backed up the explanations with pictures, leaving you worried about starting your workout and not performing correct form. 

Not doing exercises with correct form CAN cause injuries in some cases so it really IS best to learn the proper form before you hit the weight stack.

chrome dumbbells

Heck, maybe you work out at home or with a smaller set of equipment and the book doesn’t provide enough exercises to do with minimal equipment or doesn’t adequately explain how to modify some of the bigger exercises to work within these limitations.

Well, you certainly are not alone.

These are all really common problems I hear about all the time from people just like you who’ve purchased fitness books online or at the book store.

And, that’s where I come in. 

Send me your book. I’m pretty good at decoding these things so I’ll go through it and decode it for you. 

Then you can get on with working out and achieving your goals. 

Cool, eh?

… and hey, if the book you bought is just a lost cause and you got ripped off, I won’t try to fix the unfixable. 

BUT I will send you to a book that IS worth its weight in gold and work with you on a book worth working.

So, all that being said, whether you’re dealing with a new fitness book or not, the first step is to have an initial consultation so I can learn what you are hoping to achieve, your personal barriers and the environment you’ll be working out in. 

From there we'll decide together what is your best option, whether its a full-blown program and instruction or simply accountability and support.

If you need a formal program, I’ll write one specifically for you and with your specific goals in mind.

You can then choose to go off on your own and work your program, or you can choose to continue with weekly, biweeklyGirlwithnoname Abs or monthly check-ins as follow-up to your program. 

These sessions can include anything from basic support to working out live on webcam, weigh-ins, extra motivation, adherence and plateau-busting tips or just good old fashioned pep talks!

And remember, it doesn’t matter if you work out at home or at a gym, if you’re just starting out, looking to advance a current routine or trying to get off a plateau. I can help you with detailed and specific programs suited to your goals and your equipment.

There are many options and levels for Online Fitness Coaching
so there's bound to be one that's right for you.

To connect with me about how to reach your goals with Online Fitness Coaching simply put your name and email address in the box below and I’ll send you an email immediately with more information and get you set up with a complimentary 15 minute personal consultation (valued at $25).

Oh, don’t forget, NO WHINERS!! 

Seriously… I’m serious here.  And you should be, too.  

I mean, it’s your HEALTH, right? 

And what’s more serious than that?? 


Andy Says ...

For months I had followed Jackie (aka Girlwithnoname) online – via Twitter and her website - and finally made the plunge into having her create a program specifically for me. After a few initial conversations she created a program that not only met my needs to a “T” it has helped to identify where I need to push myself to achieve the goals I have set out.

I truly enjoy her training methods and would highly recommend her to anyone – virtual or in real life – to have on their exercise support team.

Thanks Jackie – I look forward to several more “hurts so good” years together with you.


Sylvio Says ...

Jackie (aka Girlwithnoname) has great professionalism, knowledge, and a willingness to be flexible with training routines for each individual that sets her apart from other personal trainers I have worked with in the past.

As an example, while working with Jackie on a training program, I incurred a sports injury (playing tennis) which prevented me from doing many lower body exercises. Realizing the situation, Jackie, in a very short period of time, came up with a whole new plan so that I would not have too much down time. She provided a plan that gave me exactly what I needed -- a customized plan that fit my level of conditioning and strength, and gradually brought back in other elements as I healed. Thus, the injury did not prevent me from staying conditioned, and I believe probably healed sooner than if I had totally stopped my program.

Thank you Jackie !!!


Vy Says ...

Training with Jackie has been the best decision I have ever made for my health. Her coaching has helped me to build strength, both physically and mentally. I’ve read countless fitness ebooks and programs, but she is the only fitness coach who has been able to make training both challenging and enjoyable. Jackie’s always there to help, listen, and answer any questions with enthusiasm and commitment.

She has helped me to eliminate back pain and lift heavier than I have ever been able to before. When I had any injuries, she created a program specific to my needs and goals, and continually helps keep my nutrition in check.

I would recommend Jackie (aka Girlwithnoname) to anyone of any level or age ... she is flexible, understanding, and willing to go the extra mile to help her clients in every possible way.

I would have never thought it could be fun to have my butt kicked!

Thanks, Jackie - looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with you.


Robyn Says ...

Jackie, you are truly an inspiration to work out with and so much fun. I really appreciate that you are caring about my past injuries and get me to work out and strengthen what I thought I never could. Already, I have broken a lot of psychological barriers I had put up around myself.

Before I met Jackie the most weight I had ever lifted in free weights was 8lbs and yesterday with Jackie I lifted 20lbs!!!! I am so excited to reach my goal in weight loss and fitness.

Working out with a Personal Trainer is a financial commitment but I believe you can’t put a price tag on health and well being. What I had been trying and have been doing the past 2 years by myself had not been working.

I highly recommend Jackie (aka Girlwithnoname).

If you are ready to change yourself, working with Jackie, you will.


Tom Says ...

When I signed up with Jackie (aka Girlwithnoname) I think "Doubting Thomas" pretty much described my thoughts on long distance coaching. But, I soon learned that just as in any other business, good results depend on good people, and so far my results have been great.

Jackie's devotion to her own health and fitness is second to none, and she is doing an amazing job of teaching that to me.

She is quick to answer my questions and is very punctual, dependable, and accommodating. She has such extraordinary energy and enthusiasm, not only for her work, but for life. She works hard and expects her clients to do the same. And I can only speak for myself here, but she has somehow managed to make me want to work hard, also.

Thank you Jackie, I highly recommend you.


Marlyn Says ...

I stumbled onto Jackie’s YouTube page while searching online for resources on how to get my own six pack abs. I was immediately impressed with her level of dedication and commitment to the fitness. I signed up for a free consultation and Jackie was able to immediately identify the areas of weakness in my existing plan. I subsequently signed up for her Online Coaching service.

Working with Jackie totally changed my approach to training. She introduced me to full body circuits and a more varied cardio routine compared to the split body-builder routine that I previously followed. The customized circuit workout is challenging but fun. I was thrilled with my immediate gains in strength and with the changes in the shape of my body. The weekly video calls allow for review of my meals and workouts and help me keep on track.

Jackie is extremely dedicated and very responsive. She is like a 24 hour personal trainer. I truly enjoy working with her. She helped me fully embrace the lifestyle changes required to achieve fitness goals. She helps you change your mind-set to remain 100% committed regardless of what else is happening in your life. Jackie is professional, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. She is a ‘Real Deal’ personal trainer.

I highly recommend Jackie (aka Girlwithnoname). You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Jackie, you set me in the right direction!

So, what are you waiting for? Punch in your details now and I'll set you up with that complimentary 15 minute consultation to see if you qualify.

Yes! I'm Interested in Working with
Girlwithnoname for Online Fitness Coaching

This is going to be great!!!  Talk to you soon!!

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** Hiring a Fitness Coach just isn’t for you right now but you still want my help? If a reliable resource for information and accountability is all you need, Power Tools Email Fitness Coaching is the program for you. You get UNLIMITED access to my experience, knowledge and expertise via email for a low monthly rate. Head over to the Power Tools page to check it out.

*** Please be aware that your personal progress is entirely up to you as an individual and results do vary. I will provide my best advice as an expert but your personal progress will be a direct result of your personal diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle habits and commitment and is solely your responsibility. You agree to hold me harmless from any result that may occur from my coaching.

Girlwithnoname is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Trainer, Online Fitness Coach and Fitness Leader dedicated to your better health.

* Webcam & text chat programs suitable for Online Fitness Coaching are Skype, Gmail Chat, Yahoo IM, MSN or Windows Live Messenger. All are available online for download at no cost.