Welcome to the Power Tools Email Fitness Coaching Service.

I’m a Certified Weight Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach and one of MY goals is helping you reach YOUR goals …

Get Ripped Abs

… but if hiring a Personal Trainer just isn’t for you right now I can still get you where you want to go.

Power Tools Email Fitness Coaching offers you the flexibility of working out on your own, when and where you want to …

… but also keeps you equipped with full access to a resource that makes sure you have the information YOU need when you need it, in order to reach your personal health, fitness, weight loss or sports training goals.


And knowledge is what you need most from a Fitness Trainer … right?

So, join my NEW “Power Tools Email Fitness Coaching” service.

However, let’s get one thing straight …

I’m looking for DEDICATED and COMMITTED individuals to work with.

I’m serious about health, fitness and working out so why should I bother to work with anyone who isn’t?

It’s a drain on my time and a waste of yours.

Beginners are welcome (and embraced), but if you’ve got a million excuses and reasons not to do what it takes then this service is probably not for you.

Get In Shape

So… No Whiners and No Excuse Makers.

Got it?

Good. Let’s move on!


Unlimited access to my experience, knowledge and expertise on cutting fat, building muscle and looking and feeling your best.

• Ask any health, fitness or exercise question, 24 hours a day (or night), 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

• Your questions personally answered by me and emailed directly and PRIVATELY to YOUR inbox.

FAST response time for every question you ask (usually 24 hours or less).

• Recommendations, upon request, to the BEST resources for additional tools and equipment you need to make your dreams happen.

Get Super Ripped

• Help with frustrating goals or plateaus. Need help with ANYTHING? Just start asking about what challenges you the most and I will help.

• Never bother with ‘asking around’ or boring research to get your answer again. Your best resource is right here.

Vastly more personalized service than those ‘forums’ where you ask in public and a random assistant answers your personal and private questions for the whole world to see. Keep your “personal” business PERSONAL.

• Always get the answers you need – directly, personally, privately and easily.

Feel safe knowing that we will form a personal relationship and friendship where I will get to know more about you and your specific goals which will make it possible for me to give you your absolute best options for advancement at every stage of your development.

• Moral support at your fingertips. Feel alone in this? You aren’t. I’m here with you all the way.

ALL THIS for a surprisingly affordable rate, especially considering this crazy economy.

If a reliable resource for information and accountability is what you need, this is the program for you.

But don’t forget, NO WHINERS!!

Seriously … I’m serious here. And you should be, too.

I mean it’s your HEALTH, right? What’s more serious than that??


Candace Says…

Three words for Jackie (aka Girlwithnoname): Awesome! Spectacular! Helpful!

She is a great resource and not just for exercise tips but for much needed friendliness. Some people give you “expert” advice but there is nothing unique about it nor personal. She personalizes her work and truly does know what she is talking about. I ask random questions and Jackie responds to them quickly and efficiently. She even takes the time to look special things up for me!

I learned how to squat like a bear in my own home. Even squatting without weights is a great workout if you do it the correct way. Unlike gimmicky workout gurus, Jackie is the real thing.

Jackie is the genuine product, sign up for her!


Lorrie Says …

I was a client of Jackie’s for a month using her email coaching, I met her through Twitter and enjoy reading her blog.

She was very friendly over the phone and helped me pick which Coaching was best for me and my limited budget.

Every email I sent her she replied within the same day and she answered all my questions. For those with a limited budget, Email Fitness Coaching is just right.

Jackie (aka Girlwithnoname) will answer your questions and help you reach your goals.


Carlos Says …

I’m your typical guy who was fit, or at least never overweight, until my late 30s. Then some changes in my life routine and I started to gain weight. By my early 40s, I was 65 lbs overweight.

This was a new concept to me.

But in the past, when I had gained some extra 10 lbs, I could easily lose them, so I figured I could do it again, this time just some more weight to lose.

So I tried exercising… and lost no weight. Tried harder… Nothing! Hmm.

Revised my diet, started eating healthier, no junk food, no processed food, then tried exercising more… Nothing! I’m no stranger to exercise but what I knew was just not getting results.

Gave up trying for a couple of years, but after some declining in health, now in my late 40s, I decided enough is enough, and started researching to see what was I doing wrong when trying to lose weight earlier.

But anybody who has done some such research knows there is a TON of data out there, both in exercising and in nutrition, so needed some real guidance.

I decided to use Jackie’s email fitness coaching, and through a lot of back and forth, questions and answers, a lot of valuable data, I started tweaking my workout routines.

Then I started to lose a little weight, finally some results!

Tweaked some more, and started to lose weight at a more rapid rate (funnily enough, once tweaked I was actually working out less and yet losing weight faster).

Now I’m losing weight week after week and I have my sights on burning all the overweight and getting back to my former shape, maybe even better.

Thanks Jackie, for steering me in the right direction!

**SPECIAL NOTICE: Power Tools Email Fitness Coaching is a very popular service but I am currently offering it for a very low monthly fee FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Get In Great Shape

However, I do expect ongoing demand to be overwhelming so I won’t be keeping the price this low for long.

Due to demand on my time I will be forced to increase this price before long.

So sign up now for your Power Tools Email Fitness Coaching Package where you get UNLIMITED access 24/7 to my experience, knowledge and expertise for this low rate of only $67/mo.

But make sure you lock in NOW to secure your premium pricing* before I’m forced to increase the cost in order to meet the demand.

Once you are through the subscription process you will be forwarded to a special page with your ‘getting started’ instructions and you will receive a personal message in your inbox from me with my personal and private email address for the exclusive use of my Power Tools clients ONLY.

Don’t forget, this special offer won’t be available forever … maybe not even tomorrow.

So lock in your premium pricing now.

Are you excited about finally realizing YOUR dream of being in the best shape of your life?

Me too!

*Sign up now and let’s get started!

* You can unsubscribe at any time, no questions asked.

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* If you are looking for Online Fitness Coaching with a more extensive face-to-face, hands-on and in-person approach via webcam, telephone or ongoing person-to-person text chat which includes programs written specifically for you and your personal goals, head over to my Online Fitness Coaching page.

Girlwithnoname is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Trainer, Online Fitness Coach and Fitness Leader dedicated to your better health.