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Support Is Everywhere

Tweet Sometimes support comes from the most unexpected sources. Case in point: today, during and at the end of my hillsprints session, I was given support by no less than FOUR completely unrelated and random strangers. So, of course I gave it right back (where I could … one guy didn’t give me the option). […]

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It’s All In Your Mind

Tweet I went running today. Since I’d done a hills run last week for the first time in weeks and it HURT, I figured I don’t do that kind of run often enough, so time to get back to doing it regularly. So, that’s what I did today. A dreaded hills run (that’s when I […]

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Running Will NOT Give You A “Flat Butt”

Tweet GAH!! Yes, I’m frustrated today. Why? Running is being made the villain again. There are some fitness ‘gurus’ out there right now claiming that running will give you a FLAT BUTT ! DAMMIT! It’s just NOT TRUE. And then of course they follow up this claim by trying to sell you some fitness program […]

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