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It’s All In Your Mind

Tweet I went running today. Since I’d done a hills run last week for the first time in weeks and it HURT, I figured I don’t do that kind of run often enough, so time to get back to doing it regularly. So, that’s what I did today. A dreaded hills run (that’s when I […]

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The Journey From Fat … to Fit !

Tweet HEAVY SIGH. These construction guys are going to be the death of me (or the end of my sanity, anyway). They keep telling me “one more week, we’ll be off your corner in a week, give us one more week, we promise we’ll be done“… … and every week, once that week has passed, […]

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Good Distractions vs. Bad Distractions

Tweet DISTRACTIONS. Lots of people use distractions while they’re working out. ~ Music. ~ TV. ~ Beautiful Scenery. ~ and (gawd forbid): Reading. Sometimes distractions can help you intensify your game. But they can also take your head right OUT of the game. And that could lead to injury. At the very LEAST it will […]

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