Here it is guys.


… and its not by me!


I discovered this several days ago on the blog of one of the guys I take my inspiration from: Zach Even Esh.

He spoke my truth with this blog post and its REALLY worth sharing. So he gets his own post here on and kudos from me with HONOURS, for being such a rockin’ kick-a$$ guy and AS committed to the world of STRENGTH and Fitness as he says he is…

Luv ya buddy!!

Just a quick note that the video contained in his blog post is funny, but secondary.

Its Zach’s words that really resonated with me so please give it a read all the way through.

This is exactly how I feel about fitness & working out.


You want results? You gotta WORK for them!

Zach Even Esh TELLS IT LIKE IT IS!!!!

And for an extra laugh everyone, read the comments too.

Some of them are almost as funny as the post, and the ones talking down to Zach for his words in this post are even funnier… what a bunch of maroons! LOL

Cheers to the No Whiners Club.

Thanks again Zach – YOU RULE!