Hi everyone!! Hope your weekend is going great!!

My beach day was yanked out from underneath me today by a not so lovely bank of clouds.


Well, no matter, that gives me time to do a quick review for you guys of a fitness book I just finished reading: The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto.

This book has the distinct honour of being on Girlwithnoname’s “Must Read” list for anyone even remotely interested in fitness (and gee, I hope you are… otherwise, what are you doing here? LOL).

This book covers a lot of really great stuff in an in-depth BUT EASY TO UNDERSTAND manner, and for that I personally thank Tom.

One of the most important issues he addresses in The Body Fat Solution is MINDSET and MOTIVATION.

This is by far the biggest hurdle for most people starting out (in my humble opinion anyway…. but hey! that was MY biggest issue before I turned into the fitness fanatic you see before you today) and Tom makes sense out of how to get yourself over that hurdle.

Then he follows it all up with ‘why to do it, how to do it, when to do it, and here’s the pictures so you can’t screw it up’ chapters plus fan-freaking-TASTIC and detailed diet & nutrition information to boot.

So come with me now while I flip through the book with you and “show and tell” a few pages for you. Saves you the trip to the bookstore to flip through it yourself, right?

Its a great book!!

One note though is that it is not available in eBook format but it is available in hardcover or CD-ROM from Amazon or as an audio book download from iAmplify.com … so here’s the links for you to grab one for yourself (you can even click on the audio widget to hear an excerpt from the book… how cool is THAT?)

Click here to buy the book
The Body Fat Solution


Click here to buy the audio book
The Body Fat Solution

ENJOY THE BOOK, and let me know how YOU liked it, once you've finished it, okay?

Hey also... GUESS WHAT?!?!!

Girlwithnoname finally got her butt on to FaceBook!! Woo hoo!! Come join me: Girlwithnoname on FaceBook (link on sidebar too)

... and at long last, here's today's Workout Song of the Day which is super for Cardio of any kind... it has a great beat and a fun mood!!

THE TING TINGS - That's Not My Name

If you love it as much as I do, you can grab it for yourself by clicking through to Amazon on the widget!!

PHEW!! Big Day Today eh?

Looks like the clouds are moving away, so I think it's the beach for me after all!! I think I deserve it after all THAT good stuff!! hee hee

Have a great weekend and we'll see you soon!