Hey Everyone…

Well, Summer is going full force here in Vancouver these days… its been lovely, HOT and… gah! working out is HARD!! haha

Fortunately there are always options and I took full advantage of a little pool party with the nephews on the weekend … and then took a couple of hours to catch up with my best bud while we powerwalked around the Seawall the next day …

… so still keeping at it … I’m not one to let a little thing like Summer Heat get me hiding under some tree ignoring my workouts!!

Here’s that video of Vancouver on Saturday that I mentioned … it was quite the day, going from sunny and beautiful all the way to major storminess, gorgeous fire-red sunset and finally two fireworks displays… one from Mother Nature AND a man-made one from the South African team that competed in this year’s Celebration of Light …

I only wish this video was longer … it really was spectacular.

And don’t forget!! I’m over on FaceBook now… come hit me up, I desperately need new friends!! HAHA!!!

Girlwithnoname on FaceBook

… and finally, today’s Workout Song of the Day … a little ditty that is really great for Cardio with its energy and driving rhythm … and as usual I’m trying to be clever and tie my Song of the Day in with the theme of the post:

DARUDE – Sandstorm
… hey, its the best I could do ok? I didn’t have a song called “Lightning Storm” haha!!!

Don’t forget, if you like the song and want it for your own workout collection, the widget clicks thru to Amazon… no muss, no fuss!!! You’ll own it in like 3 clicks (or 4 … um … maybe 5! .. haha)

Have a great week everyone!! We’ll see you again soon!!