Hey everyone. Hope you’re all doing fantastic!!

As usual I’m in a race against time (which seems appropriate since I love running so much!!).

However, I had to make time to touch base with you today because one of my very favourite fitness pros Mike Geary (author of The Truth About Six Pack Abs), now has a new book out called Fat Burning Kitchen he has co-wrote with with Catherine Ebeling (RN BSN), and I’m here to tell you the book is hands down maybe the BEST nutrition book I’ve ever read.

He covers everything from sports drinks and energy bars right down to organic food and whether or not they are necessary (from his perspective) all the time (answer: no).

He talks about packaged food, pre-made diet meals from places like Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine, fats and oils (which are good and why, which will HARM YOU and how, plus what to cook with), butter vs. margarine, carbohydrates.

Should you eat high carb if you work out a lot? Or low carb all the time? Are carbs evil?.

What about artificial sweeteners? Good for fat loss diets? Or could they actually be harming you and working AGAINST your fat loss goals?

Vegetables, fruits and greens … meats and seafood … dairy, nuts, seeds and grains … YOU NAME IT, he talks about it in complete detail including how these foods are produced for the mass-market and how to get the healthiest benefits out of the foods you choose to eat.

It is in-depth and absolutely CHOCK FULL of information you want to know… NO, actually it’s information YOU NEED TO KNOW.

I am not over-exaggerating here. If you are interested in being a healthy human being and eating for better health and/or fat loss, then this is an absolute MUST READ.

… listen you guys, even before he wrote Fat Burning Kitchen, Mike Geary single-handedly changed the way I personally think about food, what I choose to consume and how I choose to consume it. This guy IS the … (insert complimentary naughty word here).

You really have to check this book out. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

‘Nuff said!


Fat Burning Kitchen eBook

Fat Burning Kitchen by Mike Geary

Today’s Workout Song of the Day is in honour of Mike Geary’s fantastic new book “Fat Burning Kitchen” and aptly named Banquet!

The book is a veritable banquet of nutrition knowledge… and such a tasty read!! HA! Aren’t I sneaky, eh? Like how I worked the two together that way?

Anyway, now that I’m finished tooting my horn about Mike and his great book I should probably mention that the song is great for Weight Training, it’s got angst galore just pumping out of it. Give it a try, it’ll jack you up, I promise!

BLOC PARTY – Banquet

Don’t forget, if you love it and want to work out to it too, you can get it fast by clicking on the ‘Buy’ button on the player widget above and Amazon will set you up in a few clicks of your mouse!

That’s it for today everyone!! Enjoy your new book, I promise you it’s an enthralling and eye opening read!

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day! See you soon!

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