Wow!! What a way to start the week!!

Are you ready for this? (of course you are, I warned you last week this was coming, but that doesn’t make it any LESS exciting, does it?)

Brad Pilon

Anyway, I got Brad Pilon, author of the controversial nutrition and weight loss program “Eat Stop Eaton the phone over the weekend and of course I hit the ‘record’ button as soon as he said hello

This is an EXTREMELY informative interview and Brad blows the lid off a BUNCH of commonly held myths and misperceptions about metabolism, muscle loss, weight loss in general, and a ton of other stuff.

If you want to simplify your weight loss or weight maintenance program, this really IS a “MUST HEAR” eventand possibly my most controversial interview to date.

So tune in now and find out what’s raising eyebrows:


What did I tell you? Crazy stuff, eh?

Did we just blow every single one of your fondly held beliefs out of the water? Well, good! Cuz this is stuff YOU NEEDED TO KNOW!

Here’s where to grab your copy of Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat to learn ALL the interesting and “RELEVANT-TO-WEIGHT-LOSS” facts about Intermittent Fasting plus learn the strategies of how to do it EFFECTIVELY for yourself:

Eat Stop Eat

==> Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon

(if you don’t feel like listening all the way thru the video that autoplays on the site, there’s a nifty little “Order Now” link all the way at the bottom of the page you can just click on to skip straight to getting the goods)

Phew!! That was awesome and I’m spent!! I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!!

So, enjoy reading Eat Stop Eat and finding out how Intermittent Fasting can work for you.

Always a pleasure talking to you Brad, thanks again!

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day!