Truth About Abs by Mike Geary

Yes!! I finally managed to get an introduction to NONE OTHER than the “next-to-impossible-to-meetMike Geary !!

Mike is the author of the incredibly informative and absolutely life-changing fitness and nutrition books “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” and “The Fat Burning Kitchen” (which he co-wrote with Catherine Ebeling).Mike Geary

Listen, if you’re interested in getting … AND STAYING lean, then you HAVE to hear this interview.


Because during this exclusive and in-depth interview Mike actually reveals the TRUTHS YOU NEED TO KNOW about how to get that lean, toned and tight look.

As you may (or may not) know, Mike is one of my personal heroes because his books have been life-changing for me.

If you want to change your life too, this is the guy who can show you how.

Before I discovered “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” I didn’t have six pack abs, nor did I even have a clue how to get them.

I do now. AND I have maintained this level of fitness for several years now…

… and NO, it’s NOT impossible. Hey, if I did it, ANYONE can do it.

Finally getting in kick-ass shape has changed my life in ways I never thought possible:
Jackie has a Six Pack

I feel better.

I look better.

I have more energy.

I get more respect.

And for that I am forever grateful to Mike and the invaluable advice imparted in his books.

So I was intensely honored when he agreed to do an interview for us here at

We really get into the ‘nitty-gritty’ stuff, and delve deep into the facts and controversies surrounding fat loss …

  • Want to know exactly what it does take (and doesn’t take) to get “Six Pack Abs”? You’ll find out!

  • Ever wonder whether striving for a “Six Pack” is actually a REALISTIC GOAL for the average person … or for someone who thinks they’ve been away from the fitness game for far too long and wonders if it may just be too late for them? Here’s your answers. Mike Geary Deadlifting

  • Want to know the right vs. the wrong exercises? He’ll tell you.

  • Have you ever been confused by the stuff you hear and see in the media and just want to know what’s true and what’s not? Mike clears up the confusion.

  • Want to know more about what role nutrition REALLY plays? Find out here what YOU need to know about food to achieve “six pack abs” …

This is an absolute “must-listen” interview chock full of valuable information and hard-to-come-by honest and heartfelt advice from someone who REALLY knows what he’s talking about and wants to help YOU get there.

But, just so you know: Mike is a busy guy who is hard to track down, and doesn’t sit for interviews very often … so, that he sat with me for over NINETY MINUTES and shared EVERYTHING asked of him makes this A VERY SPECIAL EVENT.

**SO SPECIAL in fact, that I’m only releasing this interview on an “Invitation-Only” basis**

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You really don’t want to miss this one. It could change your life … the way he changed mine.

So make sure you get in NOW to hear EVERY NUGGET OF HEALTH & FITNESS GOLD that Mike shares with us.

Let Me In … I don’t want to miss this!
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See you there!

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.