I just got back from a week of rest and relaxation.

Alright, alright … it was WORK and relaxation … a few seminars … a little time floating in a pool. Now THAT’s how to have a working holiday.

And, I got some SUN!! LOTS!! It was HOT (I was in Texas) …

WOO HOO!! FINALLY!Rest and Recovery

I also timed my week away to coincide with a week of ‘rest and recovery’ from my usual workout mania.

… that means NO WORKOUTS … at all.

No Running.

No Strength Training.

No thinking about it, no worrying about making time to make it happen every day.

So, my brain got some down time, too.

TODAY was my first day back at the weight stack.

How’d I feel?

Should you take these kinds of extended rest periods, too?

Check it out here:

Mental Burn-out? Muscle fatigue? Or, heaven forbid… Injury?

Take your extended rest if you need one.

But don’t let that be the catalyst for losing pace and getting derailed.

Schedule your next workout day and STICK TO THAT once your recovery period is over.


No sense sacrificing everything you’ve worked so hard at so far just because it was easier to stay a “body in rest” than get back to being a “body in motion”, right?

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

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