After having my fussy hamstring act up in a big way again last month and take me away from what I love to do (running regularly), I’ve learned a VERY valuable lesson about doctors.

More specifically, what we should be doing for ourselves BEFORE we go see our doctor.

Before You Go To The Doctor

And what we should be doing WHILE we’re there visiting the doctor.

And advice that some of our doctors are giving that we should NOT be taking.

And even what we should be doing AFTER we’ve seen our doctor and heard their advice.

Our better health relies on it.

Find out why here :

My hamstring is feeling better now, after a month off from going running and doing some rehab activities.

But it’s not because of the advice of my doctor.

It’s because I took matters into my own hands and found some stuff out on my own before deciding whether I needed to visit a doctor or not.

Turns out I didn’t.

Remember: Your doctor can’t feel what YOU feel. Only you can feel what you feel.

Do your research and head to the doctor armed with what you know.

Work WITH your doctor to find the right answer, rather than blindly taking advice that may not be correct.

It could mean a far simpler, faster and easier path back to full health.

And, it could be a less PAINFUL path, too.

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

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