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Before You See Your Doctor

Tweet After having my fussy hamstring act up in a big way again last month and take me away from what I love to do (running regularly), I’ve learned a VERY valuable lesson about doctors. More specifically, what we should be doing for ourselves BEFORE we go see our doctor. And what we should be […]

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Injury and Massage (it’s not what you think)

Tweet I went for a massage last week. An expensive massage. In a very high-end spa. A professional massage by a Registered Massage Therapist who I’d assume knows what they’re doing. Aren’t massages mostly supposed to feel GOOD, at least afterward if you’re getting a therapeutic massage to get something troubling you handled? More limber, […]

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Don’t Be THAT Stubborn!

Stubbornness can be a great quality to have when it comes to getting and staying fit. But then there’s the kind of stubbornness that can take you out of the game altogether.

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